Create ContinuousVariables class in SMS.Framework.Statistic namespace


We have to create a class named ContinuousVariable in the SMS.Framework.Statistic namespace.
  • Rename the old Class1 class by ContinuousVariables class.
  • Add 10 functions to calculate the average value of a set of data. The parameter of the function, has to be an array for 5 of these functions and an List(Of <T>) for the other 5 functions. The parameters have to be Decimal, Double, Integer, Long and Single, returning Decimal, Double, Integer, Long and Single.
  • The name of these 10 functions is Average.
  • To use the List(Of <T>) class we have to add an imports command (System.Collections.Generic).
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wrote Oct 11, 2008 at 7:56 AM

Resolved with changeset 25223.

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